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Dr. Laura Wagner -formerly known as Dr. Laura Grady -is a Board certified dermatologist and skin care specialist who practiced for 12 years at Barnes St. Peters Hospital and in September 2009 relocated her office to Chesterfield. Dr. Wagner is on the hospital staff at Barnes West County and St. Luke's.

"During my years of medical training at Washington University School of Medicine, I was drawn to dermatology as an attractive and fascinating specialty," said Dr. Wagner, who has practiced since 1993, "I enjoy caring for adults and children of all ages."

Dr. Wagner treats all skin conditions, from helping a self-conscious teenager clear up acne to finding an abnormal mole. Dr. Wagner is first and foremost a medical doctor, and rather than performing cosmetic procedures, treats more complicated medical conditions.

"Dermatology is a component of internal medical care," Dr. Wagner said. "I often care for patients that are receiving treatment for internal cancers, lupus, diabetes and other diseases with cutaneous manifestations."

Dr. Wagner spends a part of her day performing in-office surgical procedures.

As a solo practitioner, every patient is seen by Dr. Wagner personally, never by a physician's assistant or nurse practitioner.

"I make every effort to know my patients as individuals," Dr. Wagner said~ "I enjoy the satisfaction of sharing my expertise and knowledge with them."

Dr. Wagner gives her patients the tools to improve their skin health, thus avoiding potential problems.

"My patients learn to identify any early skin cancers, thereby preventing further damage," she said. "It's my joy to be able to have such a positive impact on my patients' health and sense of self. "

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