Does your insurance require a referral to be seen by a specialist?
If you are not sure if you need a referral, please contact your insurance company. They can help with that. 

Here are the plans that we know need a referral ...

  • Coventry Health Plan Advantra HMO
  • Coventry Gold Advantage
  • Cigna (if the Cigna card has a PCP listed, then you need a referral). 
  • United HealthCare if plan type is Charter, Compass, Navigate or any HMO.
  • Cigna Connect Network doesn't require a referral, but you get better coverage with a referral.

The above list may not be a complete list and is subject to change.
Remember, it is your responsibility to check with your insurance if you don't know.

If you find out that you do need a referral, it is your responsibility to obtain the referral from your primary care physician prior to your appointment.  

Contact your primary care doctor's office regarding their policy for providing referrals. Some providers want 2 weeks or more to generate a referral because they need to get the physician approval, so make your request early.  After getting approval, they may not generate the referral until just a few days before the visit, so you may want to check back with them about 3-5 days before your appointment to make sure it has been completed.  Feel free to call our office a few days before your visit to see if we have received your referral.

Your doctor may ask the reason for your appointment, eg: history of skin cancer, acne, etc.

You can either bring your referral with you or ask your primary care physician to fax it to 314-434-1112. 



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