Our Billing Policy

For billing and insurance questions, call  636-485-6939

We are responsible for filing billable charges to your insurance if we participate in your plan. Please check 'Our Participating Plans' under the Insurance tab for a list of plans. Be sure to move the curser over your plan name to see if there are any restrictions on your plan.  

In order for us to submit a clean and timely claim for you, we need your help.  Please carefully review all items under the Insurance tab to find out about your responsibilities.

Review all bills for accuracy. If you think there is a billing error, please contact us immediately to allow time for corrections to be made.

Balance Billing:
We will balance bill you for any unpaid charges after insurance has processed your claims.  

Payment Due Dates:
Payment in full is due by the due date on your bill, unless other arrangments have been made with our office.

Payment Plans:
If you are not able to pay your balance in full upon receipt of your bill, please contact us immediately to discuss a payment plan.  Payment plans must be authorized by our office.  If you decide to make partial payments without an authorized payment plan, your account will continue to age and could reflect a past due status.  Once a payment plan has been established, please make payments as promised.  If you are not able to pay as promised, contact our office immediately.

Keep in mind, it is much easier to agree to a payment plan if you call before your account is past due. 

Past Due Accounts:
An account is considered past due if payment in full is not received in our office by the due date, unless other arrangements are made.

Final Notices:
If you receive a Final Notice, your account could be referred for collection without further notice.  You might incur a collection fee.  If referred for collection, this could result in your dismissal from this practice.



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